“Jamaican mom, English dad”: No one believed they were twins, how they look 23 years later

The appearance of girls caused a real delight among the doctors. They have a rare genetic anomaly. This event took place in 1997.

Now the little ones are already twenty-three years old.

They are sisters but look completely different. Lucy is a bright representative of the Caucasian race. She has fair skin, blue eyes, and red hair. But Maria fully displays in her appearance the features of the Negroid race. The girl has dark hair, brown eyes, and dark skin.

The girls’ mother is from Jamaica, and the father is a typical Englishman. This is why babies are so different. In addition to girls, several more children are growing up in the family. They all turned out to be mulattoes.

At school and in kindergarten, no one believed that the girls were not just sisters, but also twins. Once they even brought a birth certificate to prove their relationship.

Family photos of these girls look very original. Now they have become real beauties. They are not at all similar to each other either externally or internally.

Lucy is very creative and airy. She entered the University of the Arts. But Maria decided to become a psychologist. She is more interested in all the processes that occur within a person.

The sisters have a very strong bond. They never quarrel and very reverently support each other.

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