Jami Gertz, Former 1980s Teen Idol, Celebrates 57 Years with a Look at Her Life Today

Jami Gertz, the famous actress from the 1980s, has had a fascinating life. She’s not just a Hollywood star but also married a very rich guy, has three kids, and even owns an NBA team!

Now at 57, she’s still going strong. I always liked Jami Gertz because she’s great at both comedy and drama. She’s been in many sitcoms and series, and she’s always been amazing.

When we think of Jami Gertz, we might remember her from classic films like Quicksilver, Crossroads, and The Lost Boys in the 1980s. These movies made her a star, and she played some intense roles like runaways and troubled characters.

“I played a lot of hookers and vampires and drug addicts for a while,” she said in 1990.

She’s also been on TV shows like Square Pegs, Still Standing, and The Neighbors.

But Jami Gertz’s life has changed a lot. She’s not just a famous actress; she’s a loving wife, a mom of three, a philanthropist, and even owns part of an NBA team.

Born in 1965 in a religious Jewish family in Chicago, she grew up with two brothers. Her family always supported her acting career.

Her life took a turn when she met her husband, Anthony Ressler, in the mid-80s. They hit it off instantly, bonding over their shared Jewish faith. Despite what people think, she was the one with more money from her acting career when they met.

They dated for two years and got married in 1989. Over time, they had three boys, and Ressler became a big shot in finance.

As acting roles slowed down for her in the mid-2000s, she started her own production company, Lime Orchard. It had success with the 2011 film A Better Life, but it didn’t last long. Jami shut it down five years later.

But she didn’t give up. She and her husband, who both love basketball, bought the Atlanta Hawks NBA team in 2014. Gertz is now part-owner with her husband.


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Besides owning the team, they are also big-hearted. They’ve donated a lot of money through their foundation to help hospitals and art museums. In 2012, Forbes even named them the most generous celebrity couple for donating $10 million.

Jami Gertz has had a remarkable journey from being a teenage idol to a successful actress, wife, mother, and philanthropist.

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