Jean-Claude Van Damme: what do the wife and children of a successful athlete and famous actor look like

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Strong, talented, charming, and wildly successful, Van Damme was a famous athlete even before becoming an actor. For many years he was engaged in martial arts at a high professional level, traveled a lot, and took part in various competitions.

Jean-Claude has repeatedly admitted that he never dreamed of becoming an actor, everything was accidental.

During the next competition, representatives of the film industry noticed the athlete and offered him a role in the film.

Jean-Claude became popular almost immediately.

The aspiring actor and successful athlete began to receive offers from various directors. He, as expected, played very strong characters.

Each subsequent work was better than the previous one. Jean-Claude’s career quickly went up.

His personal life has always been unstable. He has been married 5 times and has 3 children.

Interestingly, the third wife of the actor G. Portugues later became his 5th wife. They either quarrel or reconcile, but the fact remains that they are madly in love with each other.

His eldest son and charming daughter are now actively acting in films.

The only one who does not want to connect his life with this area is his youngest son.

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