Jean Reno, 70, and Hirosue Ryoko, 40, decide to make a sequel to Wasabi

Exactly two decades ago, viewers from all over the world saw the Japanese-French film “Wasabi”.

This film has become a real masterpiece, it was shown in different countries, including the CIS.”Wasabi” (2001). Recently, a popular French magazine published the news that 2 years ago, Jean Reno met with a Japanese actress – Hirosue Ryoko, who starred with him in this film as his daughter. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss filming in the sequel to the sensational film. Jean Reno will once again play the lead role and will also direct the film himself.

Of course, the actress agreed to take part in the filming. She is well known to the general public not only for the film ”

Wasabi” but also for the Oscar-winning film “Departed”, for which she was awarded the Japanese Academy Film Award.

Wasabi” (2001)”

Hirosue has gained popularity not only in the field of cinema. 10 years ago, she took part in the national beauty contest, and even reached the final, sharing 1st place with three other participants. However, Ryoko still considers her role as Yumi in Wasabi to be her biggest career achievement.

Hirosue Ryoko.

The screenwriter of the film is the legendary Luc Besson. He also wrote the script for the sequel and will serve as a producer.

The plot revolves around the grown-up Yumi, who followed in her father’s footsteps and devoted herself to serving in the police. After some time, the girl rose to the position of detective and, once again, conducting a complex investigation, was captured by the international mafia. The criminals put forward a condition – they would return the hostage alive if their boss, who was under investigation at that time, was released.”

Wasabi” (2001).

However, what is the safety and even the life of one simple detective worth if the opportunity to cover a criminal gang is at stake? It is simply impossible to release a dangerous mafia from arrest, besides, how can you trust the word of the bandits?

Seeing that colleagues are inactive, Hubert Fiorentini (Jean Reno) decides to intervene in the situation. He retired a long time ago, but realizing the plight of his daughter, he drops everything and secretly goes in search of her. All that is known is that Yumi is in Colombia.

“Wasabi” (2001)

At the moment, this is all the information that we know. We will learn about the fate of the talented Yumi and her fearless father only after the release of the film. But be sure that Hubert will definitely cope with the difficult task and free his daughter, and at the same time he will beat the presumptuous criminals.

Jean Reno and Hirosue Ryoko.

A few years ago, when preparations for the film started, it was predicted that the viewer would see it at the end of 2020, but the whole process was frozen due to the current situation around the world due to the coronavirus.

Today, we don’t know when Wasabi 2 will hit the screens.

We hope that very soon, but the wait is definitely worth it because the picture will be as spectacular and exciting as possible.

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