Jean Reno’s appearance at 72, and how it has changed over time

Jean Reno was a popular actor in the 90s. Any film with his participation immediately became legendary, and Jean himself had fans all over the world.

Today you will see how Renault’s appearance has changed over the years.

Up to 20 years old

Jean Reno was born in 1948 in Spain. But almost immediately after his birth, his parents had to leave the country. The family of the future actor lived in poverty, barely earning a living. And when Jean’s mother died, Renault moved to France and went to serve in the army.

After the service, he searched for himself for a long time. Little did he know then that the best was yet to come.

20 to 50 years old

Jean Reno played his first role only when he was 31 years old. He realized that this was his calling. And the directors immediately noticed a talented man and began to actively invite him to various projects. So Jean Reno gained fame around the world.

A brutal and ruthless man – this image was mainly recreated by Jean, which was very popular with women around the world.


Now Renault is 72 years old, and looking back, we can say with confidence that he achieved his goal, found a calling, and gained fame.

Even now, he still continues to play roles and delight his fans. 

What is your favorite Jean Reno movie?

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