Jennifer Garner’s Hilarious Struggle with a Sleeping Bag

Jennifer Garner struggled with putting a sleeping bag back into its sack. In a video shared online, the actress, 51, showed herself trying to roll up the pink sleeping bag but facing difficulties.

At the beginning of the video, Garner prepared herself and started rolling the sleeping bag, saying, “Come on,” while hitting it on the floor.

She then humorously expressed her frustration, asking why she faced such challenges. Garner even pressed her knee on the sleeping bag in an attempt to manage it.

As she tied her hair back, Garner joked about needing to get serious and asked if viewers could understand her struggle.

After trying different tactics, including rubbing her face on the sleeping bag, Garner questioned why the sack’s design made it hard to put the sleeping bag in. She also tried sitting on an armchair and taking off her sweatshirt to focus better.

Despite the struggle, Garner refused to give up. Finally, after some effort, she succeeded in getting the sleeping bag into its sack, celebrating her victory with excitement.

In the caption, Garner humorously remarked about her struggle and anticipated her children asking to use the sleeping bag later.

One of her followers joked about their own experience with kids wanting to use the sleeping bag for a sleepover, while singer Pink expressed solidarity with Garner’s struggle.


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Garner has three children with her ex-husband Ben Affleck. She is reportedly considering a role in Affleck’s upcoming movie “Animals,” where she may star alongside Matt Damon.

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