Jennifer Lopez reveals 7 secrets to always look expensive and stylish

Many women are accustomed to focusing on their feelings when choosing clothes, shoes, and accessories, and not on the brand name. This is very good, but the other half of the beauties want to exactly repeat the images of stylish ladies, whose bows are worthy of the catwalks of Milan and Paris, New York.

How to not only dress stylishly but also save your budget? Jennifer Lopez has such experience, and she is ready to share with her fans a few effective secrets.

Always a white blouse!

A true fashionista’s basic wardrobe should always start with a good quality white blouse. A snow-white shirt is good for presentations and business lunches, informal meetings, and visiting exhibitions. A laconic cut and a suitable style are the main rules for success.

For informal meetings, you can choose a few more white blouses, but in a lighter style, complemented by flounces or bows, ruffles, and original decor. Here you can play around with the style, the collar. It is only important not to forget that the blouse should be perfectly white.

Play with different textures

All things embossed under the skin of a python, jersey with bulk knitting, dresses, and suits made of textured fabric – it always looks advantageous and expensive, and this is precisely the main task.

For a stylish look today, it is quite acceptable to combine several textures at once. For example, Jennifer shows how easy it is to combine leather with velour, velour with silk, and silk with knitwear. Such tandems are quite unexpected, but the result exceeds all expectations.

It is better to choose pastel and light shades.

Jumpers, suits made in light gray, vanilla tones, and sand tones look quite elegant and festive. For many, light colors are associated with a prosperous life, it seems to others that a person definitely has the opportunity to buy another thing if this one gets dirty. Such products require careful care and delicate washing.

Don’t Ignore Total looks

Monochrome images have been in trend for several seasons in a row. They look very simple, but at the same time stylish and elegant. In fact, to assemble a set in one color is not only quite problematic but also expensive. Such bows always emphasize the wonderful taste of a woman, and her ability to present herself correctly and profitably.

A monochrome bow only seems simple, it is quite difficult to design it correctly.

Choose midi dresses

A midi-length dress that fits well on the figure is a great investment in a fashionable wardrobe. It is worth trying on options from different fabrics, different colors, and shades. The length of the dress should not be above the knee – this is the main rule. Of course, outfits should not emphasize the curves of the figure too much – this may not look expensive, but vulgar.

Jennifer Lopez is happy to choose these outfits and demonstrate that they help to look much younger and more attractive.

Some vintage details

If you add, for example, a hat in the style of the 30s or a reticule in the style of the 50s, the bow will immediately change, it will look exclusive and very expensive. It is important to remember, of course, that all vintage items must be in perfect condition without defects and scuffs. If you ignore this moment, you might think that you just took out your grandmother’s dowry from the chest.

Makeup and styling must be perfect

A woman cannot look expensive and presentable if her hair does not look fresh, and it is high time to correct her makeup. Of course, no one says that you need to twist curls every day and repeat the podium make-up. Everything should be in moderation, but fresh manicures, pedicures, light makeup, and neat styling are important accents that cannot be ignored.

All tips from Jennifer Lopez are very simple, but many people forget about them due to being busy. Take more time for yourself, love yourself, and always enjoy the reflection in the mirror and the admiring glances of others.

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