Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her Heavy Wedding Dress for Ben Affleck’s Marriage

Jennifer Lopez is talking about her wedding outfit from when she married Ben Affleck.

She described her dress in a new video with Vogue. It was a version of a Ralph Lauren dress with a lot of ruffles. The skirt had a thousand handkerchiefs sewn into it. She also wore a long veil.

She got married in Savannah and wanted her look to be both Latin and Southern Belle-like. She thought her dress achieved that.

But, she mentioned that the dress was hard to walk in because it had a long train and was heavy.

Ralph Lauren made three dresses for her wedding: one for the ceremony, one for the reception, and one for her performance.

The reception dresses included one with pearls and another with a mermaid silhouette and a removable hood.

The wedding ceremony was held at their home in Riceboro, Georgia. They had a smaller ceremony in Las Vegas earlier.

She clarified that the dress she wore in Las Vegas wasn’t from a movie, as some thought. It was just a dress she had at home.

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