Jerrod Carmichael Jokes About Taylor Swift Being His ‘Best Friend’ After Chiefs Game Invite

Comedian and actor Jerrod Carmichael, 36, went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and talked about his friendship with Taylor Swift, 34. He mentioned how Taylor invited him to watch a football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills in January.

Jerrod said Taylor is like his best friend, even though he knows he’s not her best friend. He joked about replacing his former best friend with Taylor because she invited him to a game on her private jet. He thinks Taylor is smart and interesting.

Jimmy asked if Taylor invited Jerrod to the game, and Jerrod confirmed. Taylor’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs as a tight end.

Jimmy also asked if Jerrod asked Taylor questions about football during the game, and Jerrod joked that he felt like the girlfriend in that situation.

Jerrod joked about how the media might twist his words about being Taylor’s best friend. He expressed his love for Taylor but didn’t want to be overshadowed by her in the headlines.

Jerrod talked about his upcoming docuseries, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, which premieres on HBO on March 29. He said he got the idea from watching reality shows like the Kardashians and Housewives. He wants to show the real, unfiltered moments behind the scenes of a typical reality show.

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