Joey King Shares How Married Life with Steven Piet Brings Extra Sweetness

🌟 Actress Joey King spills the sweet details of married life with Steven Piet! πŸ’• Exclusive insights into love, laughter, and her latest role in ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’. Don’t miss out! 🎬

Joey King is really enjoying being married. She talked to PEOPLE at the premiere of We Were the Lucky Ones in Los Angeles. It was the first time she and her husband Steven Piet walked a red carpet together since getting married in August. King, 24, shared what she likes most about being a newlywed.

“It’s hard to explain because, you know, nothing much changed. We already lived together. But I always say, and it’s true, everything just feels a little nicer now,” said the Kissing Booth star.

King and Piet met on the set of a movie called The Act in 2019. They got married in a small ceremony in Los Angeles in August and then had a big party in Mallorca, Spain, the next month.

“We had a lot of fun. It was a great day,” King said about their wedding in L.A. She shared that her mom made her bouquet using flowers from the dollar store, which was really cute.

Their second wedding in Spain was very different. King said it was an amazing experience. She described it as “the best weekend of my life.”

Apart from her marriage, King is also starring in Hulu’s We Were the Lucky Ones. The show tells the story of a family during World War II. It’s based on a book by Georgia Hunter.

King said it was important for her to be part of this project because of her own family history. She’s Jewish and feels it’s crucial to keep the memories of the Holocaust alive, especially as survivors are getting older.

Working on the show was tough sometimes, King admitted, but the cast supported each other.

“Some days were really hard, but we were there for each other. We helped each other when we needed it. This cast is amazing,” she said.

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