Johanna Quaas – 95-year-old record holder, what is the secret of the grandmother?

In one of the bravura songs of the Soviet era, there are the words: “The main thing, guys, is not to grow old in your heart” – these words can be directly attributed to the heroine of our story.

Johanna Quaas was born back in 1925, she took part in her first competition in the 34th.

Johanna is the oldest, so to speak, “active” gymnast in the world, when she was 86, she was included in the Guinness book, and now she is 95 and she still continues to participate in competitions for the elderly, although she has no rivals in her age category. According to her, she goes to the carpet simply because she likes it.

Netizens may argue that now many people take care of their health and in old age go in for fitness, run or go to rocking chairs, but:

Firstly, not at 95.

Secondly, morning exercises and professional gymnastics, of course, are completely different things.

To do what Grandma Johanna is doing now, everyday hard work is necessary, you need to stretch so that the muscles remain elastic, you need to strengthen these same muscles, which means you need to give them a power load, and, finally, without the regular practice of technique, such gymnastic elements cannot be performed.

Since 1990, this tenacious woman has never missed Germany’s popular annual gymnastics festival.

She spends an hour every day in the gym, in addition, she goes to the pool and loves dancing. A few years ago, she was not afraid and fulfilled her old dream, she jumped with a parachute. She sets herself seemingly unattainable goals and accomplishes them.

Our heroine has been happily married for over 50 years, she has three daughters.

As the record holder, herself says: “ My face is old, but my heart is young. I will stop doing gymnastics only when I die.

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