Jolie’s legs and arms already resemble those of a grandmother: the actress, who has recently lost weight, was noticed in Italy

The actress and director Angelina Jolie’s aged hands revealed her true age. 

It goes without saying that the world-famous actress and talented director will not be able to escape the attention of journalists and paparazzi, who will not pass up any opportunity to photograph a celebrity. The star was recently photographed by paparazzi while visiting her home country of Italy. 

Jolie wore a long gray gown with a trendy coat. Most of her fans were simply blown away by her stunning and attractive figure, while others believed she had unhealthy thinness that needed to be corrected immediately. 

The wrinkled hands of the 46-year-old actress, which resembled grandmother’s hands, drew a lot of attention. This could be because of her extreme thinness or genetics. 

What else can you say?

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