Julia Roberts and George Clooney ever dated ? The truth about their relationship (video)

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are excellent friends outside of their on-screen collaborations. Many of their fans began to think that these performers were in relationships. However, George Clooney and Julia Roberts admit that they never gave it any attention.

They revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood that they had never given romantic relationships a thought, despite the fact that they were both single when they first met. They initially met about twenty years ago. And while they collaborated on the 2001 picture “Ocean’s Eleven,” their connection deepened. They have since shared the screen in four films, the most recent of which, the romantic comedy “Ticket to Heaven,” hit theaters on October 21.

While this romantic film was being made, they had to depict a loving couple and kiss in front of the camera. In an interview with The New York Times, the movie’s actors admitted that there were several love scenes in the film and that it was difficult for them to contain their laughter when they had to kiss.

They are actual pals, not “Hollywood mates.” Beyond work and appearances in public, Roberts and Clooney share a close bond.

“We’re not far apart. Since we are good friends, we can instantly tell one another differently. Everyone thinks of us as ‘Hollywood partners’ or, worse still, ‘lovers,’ but that is at all, not the case,” Roberts previously said to People.

Additionally, Clooney stated that their families are friends in a previous interview and that he is close to her husband Danny Roberts.
“I adore it when individuals take such an open-minded, sincere stance. Clooney said, “It makes life easier.

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