Julia Roberts’ extraordinary message

Here’s what she says:

Julia Roberts, the world-famous Hollywood actress, has sent a shocking statement. In it, she asks all women to take an active role and stop focusing solely on exterior attractiveness, to the harm of themselves and their nature.

“Perfection is cancer that many nations suffer from,” she explains. We applied a lot of makeup to our faces. For the purpose of perfect shapes, we regularly pump stuff into our faces and starve ourselves. We are always eager to repair items that do not require it. And what we should be concerned about in the first place goes unnoticed. Do you have any idea what it is?

It is all about our soul. She is the one who needs extra care and attention. And now is the moment to act. I’d want to understand something really simple: how can you constantly expect someone to love you if you can’t love yourself? How can you be content with yourself after reshaping your appearance? The answer is straightforward: No.

You must comprehend that it makes no difference how you appear on the outside if you have a blank inside.

Today, I proclaim that I will no longer apply makeup because I do not want to look like someone else. It’s time to take the masks off. I’m aware of my wrinkles, but I want to see them. After all, this is my true self. And I want you to accept me just as I am.

Today, everyone is fascinated with their beauty. You have no clue how much money cosmetics and beauty corporations make after convincing you that you desperately need to invest money in order to postpone what is absolutely unavoidable.

Do you honestly believe you should subject yourself to harmful, unpleasant operations that ostensibly make you better and younger?

The beauty ideals of the twenty-first century are definitely aberrant. This is beauty on steroids, spreading like a virus over the planet. This is terrifying!

When will you comprehend that these artificially formed rules dominate the world and keep us captive to our external data illusions? We cannot just appreciate nature; we must adhere to the aesthetic standards set by modern civilization.

But guess what? I’m sick of it. And I choose to tell myself to stop. And invite everyone to pause and reflect on who we truly are and what we truly desire in this life.

No one will ever be able to meet all of the standards for beauty. The last thing we should be interested in is other people’s exterior shells. Remember that only our soul is important.

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