Julia Roberts Struggles with Disturbing Scene in ‘Leave The World Behind’

Julia Roberts didn’t like a scene in the movie “Leave The World Behind” on Netflix. She played a mom named Amanda in the movie. It’s based on a book by Rumaan Alam.

The story is about a family who goes on a last-minute vacation to a rental house on Long Island instead of Brooklyn. Strange things start happening when a national emergency is declared on TV.

In one scary scene, Amanda’s teenage son Archie pulls out his teeth from his bleeding gums. This scene made Julia uncomfortable.

The person who made the fake teeth, Gary Archer, said Julia wanted to finish filming quickly. He had to be there because he had to fix the fake teeth for each take. Julia didn’t like watching the scene over and over. She said it was the most disgusting thing she’d ever seen. Gary joked that maybe being a dentist wasn’t for her.

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