Julia Roberts without makeup at 53 is quite capable of admiring!

It would be nice for other women to take an example from her.

Mega-popular Hollywood star Julia Roberts has never abused cosmetics. She wears restrained make-up, and at social events, the emphasis is more on hair and clothes.

However, the curiosity of fans is indefatigable. And in particular, many wondered, what does Julia look like without makeup at all?

Popular actress and Hollywood star Julia Roberts have never overdid her make-up.

Her makeup is always restrained and minimal; at social events, she focuses on her hairstyle and outfit.

But many fans are interested in the question: how does she look outside the screen and television cameras?

Many paparazzi tried to catch Roberts off the set, as they say, O’ Naturel. And someone has succeeded.

Now photos are circulating on the Web in which Julia is walking in the park without any makeup and with her hair pulled up.

And she looks great at 53.

Comments immediately appeared on the Web that it would be nice for other women to take an example from her.

In addition, despite the fact that Julia is the mother of three children, she has an ideal figure, the secret of which is simple: physical activity, no bad habits, and proper nutrition.

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