Kangaroo expresses gratitude to the men for saving him from the cold water (video)

Kangaroos might be deadly, but they are also capable of expressing appreciation.

David Boyd is a resident of Australia. The man just went for a walk along the beautiful Burley Griffin Lake. Strange sounds interrupted his thoughts. David recognized that someone was moving in the lake water out in the distance and, most likely, couldn’t get out. Boyd was going to help when he noticed that two riders had already opted to do so.

 The lads jumped off their motorcycles and dashed into the lake, where there was a juvenile, obviously stuporous kangaroo not far from the beach. The rescuers removed their shoes, stepped over a short fence, and made their way across the lake to the beast. They initially attempted to attract the kangaroo’s attention. The animal became concerned when it observed people and turned its head in their way, but it did not move. 

The riders then gathered their confidence and approached the kangaroo, taking it by the paws and moving it to the beach. The beast became concerned once he was on the ground, but the third guy quickly calmed him down. Then something interesting occurred. The animal clasped one of the rescuers’ hands as if to convey a silent “thank you.” 

David Boyd captured and shared a video of the whole rescue operation. He claimed that it took the kangaroo roughly 30 minutes to recover from the shock. The animal most likely fell into the icy lake water by mistake and was unable to move owing to the low temperature and acute hypothermia. 

People who saw the video praised the two rescuers’ bravery and charity. Approaching a kangaroo may be extremely hazardous, especially if the animal is ready to mate, feels frightened, senses an adversary, or is guarding children. The Australian beast’s strong paws can inflict catastrophic harm. 


Fortunately, the encounter between the two bikes and this animal ended not only without harm but also with the kangaroo’s rescue. 

Would you risk your life to save a kangaroo?

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