“Kardashian figure, and mother’s habits”: Madonna’s daughter took part in a spicy photoshoot (video)

The daughter of the legendary Madonna is already twenty-six years old. It is worth noting that the girl grew up not very similar to her mother in appearance, but her character and style are clearly her mother’s.

So, in the last photo that Lourdes posted on her Instagram, she appeared in a very bright and interesting outfit. The girl was wearing a leather suit, which emphasized her thin waist and magnificent forms.

The outfit itself was quite bold, and high-heeled shoes added spice to the image. The photoshoot turned out to be quite unusual, but, for example, Madonna does not have other types.



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Публикация от LOLA (@lourdesleon)

The girl left her luxurious hair straight and loose and made her makeup bright, but nude. She emphasized everything that needed to be emphasized. A strong-willed, somewhat strict look gave the image even more severity, but at the same time brightness.

The girl’s subscribers are used to spectacular images, so they still actively write positive comments to her.

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