Kate Middleton dressed like Princess Diana in a traditional oriental robe in Pakistan

Kate Middleton and Prince William are back after a five-day vacation in Pakistan. The Duchess of Cambridge captured everyone’s attention from the minute she stepped onto the plane’s ladder.

The odd attire worn by Prince William’s bride was the primary topic of conversation. Kate wore a sky blue traditional Asian shalwar kameez costume for the departure to show her appreciation for the host. The shalwar kameez is a long garment with straight pants.

It should be emphasized that the Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning even in such unconventional clothes. It has been hypothesized that the color choice was not also random. Many people compared Duchess Kate’s attire to Princess Diana’s gown, which she wore on a tour to Pakistan in 1996. The costumes were identical down to the smallest details. Kate wore a silky silk drapery, similar to a scarf. Princess Diana wore a gown identical to this one 23 years ago.

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