Kate Middleton celebrates her 40th birthday in an Alexander McQueen gown

Kate Middleton celebrated her 40th birthday on January 9, and no one was invited. The birthday girl spent it with her family, including her husband and children. To avoid boredom, Kate chose three vivid photos of her beau to depict a wonderful day. 

This is all a royal farce; the images will be presented in London’s National Portrait Gallery.

Kate Middleton has a lot of money, but she wants even more. Better, more exactly. She studied art history and is well-versed in historical fashion and style, and she is also influenced by images of Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II. It was their historical pictures in characteristic dresses that formed the basis of a special photo session with the participation of the Italian master Paolo Roversi. Kate personally chose him for his special shooting style.

It is not known how many and what pictures were taken. Kate singled out only three for public display, but what dresses!

Each shot is like a puzzle and a source of surprises. Poses, gestures, elements of clothing, jewelry, even facial expressions, and lighting – all in one way or another are references to women from the royal family and emphasize that Kate is also one of them. “Real” royal blood, but at the same time – an individuality, and not a copy of past queens and princesses. Everyone will be able to verify this since the photographs, along with other works of art, will be displayed around the country.

The clothes were custom-made for Kate at the workshop of Alexander McQueen, modern Britain’s most famous fashion designer.

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