Kate Middleton’s beauty secrets

She is a true style icon and trendsetter.

Duchess Kate Middleton, the beloved of millions, will turn 40 next year and is the mother of three children.

Nevertheless, she retained her girlish figure and was pleased with her beauty and femininity.

This girl is a true style icon and trendsetter, who has no right to make a mistake because she is the wife of a prince.

Of course, fans are also interested in the secrets of her beauty and slim figure.

When they met the prince, she wore a size 42, and little has changed since then.

It is authentically known that before the wedding she was on a protein diet for a long time, but today she no longer resorts to such extreme measures.

Today, she tries to eat right, preferring raw vegetables and fruits, which she eats raw since most of the vitamins are lost during heating.

This diet has a positive effect on the condition of the hair and skin.

She was taught proper nutrition by her mother, Carol Middleton.

In addition, the Duchess loves swimming, yoga, and the gym.

She eats in little portions and drinks one and a half liters of water every day. Rosehip oil is the girl’s favorite cosmetic.

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