Kate Winslet Talks About Her Most Recognized Movie

Kate Winslet went on Jimmy Fallon’s show and said more people recognize her from “The Holiday” than from “Titanic.” She plays Iris in “The Holiday” and got an Oscar nomination for her role as Rose in “Titanic.”

Fans often come up to her, especially during Christmas, to talk about how much they love “The Holiday.” They tell her it’s a tradition for them to watch it every year.

Jimmy Fallon mentioned that Kate was also in “Avatar: The Way of Water,” one of the biggest movies ever made. Kate joked that she sometimes forgets she was even in “Avatar.”

She feels lucky to have worked with amazing people throughout her career. She’s glad to see positive changes in the film industry, especially in how it supports women.

When she was younger, she felt like she had to be grateful and not complain. But now, she sees young actresses being confident and speaking up for themselves, which she thinks is great.

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