Katy Perry’s Funny Reaction to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Wide Awake’ Cover

Katy Perry’s hilarious response to Kelly Clarkson’s stunning cover will leave you in stitches! 😂 Don’t miss the fun exchange between these talented stars! 🎶

Kelly Clarkson recently sang a song originally by Katy Perry on her show. Perry liked it and said she can’t sing it anymore. Adam Lambert and others also praised it. The song was “Wide Awake,” released 12 years ago by Perry.

Perry and Clarkson often support each other online. Clarkson previously praised Perry’s song “Daisies.” They’ve been friends for a while. Clarkson also sang Perry’s songs “The One That Got Away” and “Roar” before.

Clarkson released a collection of her favorite covers called Kellyoke EP in June 2022. She likes starting her show with these covers. She’s covered songs by The Weeknd and Billie Eilish before. Recently, she sang Miley Cyrus’s songs and even did a jazzy version of the Frasier theme with Kelsey Grammer.

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