“Keeping It Real”: Millie Bobby Brown Talks Honest Reviews and Adapting Accents

🎬 Discover how Millie Bobby Brown handles bad service with humor and honesty, jokingly labeling herself “a Karen” while sharing her knack for leaving negative reviews. 🌟 Don’t miss out on the inside scoop!

Millie Bobby Brown isn’t afraid to complain about bad service without revealing her identity!

Last week, on a food podcast called Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware, Millie, who’s 20 years old and acts in movies, talked with the hosts while they had dinner together.


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They all met at a hotel and ordered food from a fancy restaurant there, got room service, and even had McDonald’s delivered, according to a clip shared on Instagram.

In the clip, Millie asked Jessie and Lennie if they ever leave reviews. They said they didn’t, and asked if she did.

Millie smirked and said she does, but she uses a fake name.

She explained that since people often criticize her, she feels it’s fair to give feedback to others too.

Millie shared a couple of times when she felt leaving a review was necessary.

Once, when she and her fiancé Jake Bongiovi were staying at a hotel, an employee kept bothering them to pay before their stay was over.

Although she didn’t say which hotel it was, she did mention leaving a review about it.

Another time, while shopping, an older woman mistook her for a store employee and asked for help finding socks. Even though it wasn’t her job, Millie found someone to assist, but they were unhelpful.

So, she left a review about that too.

When Jessie jokingly asked if she was a “Karen” (a term for someone who complains a lot), Millie admitted she might be, but she thinks it’s important to give feedback for improvement.

Millie knows how to handle criticism herself. In a recent interview on March 8, she addressed fans’ concerns about her British accent disappearing during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

She explained that she’s an actor who grew up in America, and she adapts her accent for different roles. She apologized if it bothered anyone and said she’s doing her best.

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