Kim Kardashian revealed old pictures from 20 years ago that didn’t have plastic surgery on them

Soon, the well-known American beauty K. Kardashian will be 42. She has a ton of admirers who are following her metamorphosis all across the world. 

Even her most ardent followers will have a hard time recalling how she appeared before plastic surgery. So the model released her archived images from 20 years ago a few days ago. 

Although Kim was a young girl in these photographs, it is important to note that she was already very gorgeous at that age. Such images had to anger Kim’s detractors because they used to claim that she would be an average girl if not for all of these operations.

Since she has always adored bathing suits, it is clear that she had rather curvaceous shapes even in the images from 2001. 

As soon as they saw these photos, Kardashian’s followers started debating how she had changed over the years. It’s worth noting, though, that she was already a lovely girl. 

Some even compared her to M. Bellucci, a well-known actress who was formerly held up as the gold standard for feminine beauty.

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