Kim Kardashian Talks About Finding Love Again: The Search for Someone Special

Kim Kardashian said she might not get married again because finding the right person is hard. She knows her life is busy and needs someone special who can handle it. She enjoys her life with her kids, work, and family but thinks it would be nice to have a partner. She doesn’t believe the person has to be famous but they must understand her lifestyle.

Kim has been married three times before and has four kids with her ex-husband Kanye West. She dated Pete Davidson for nine months but they broke up. She likes the excitement of new relationships but knows the difference between that and real love.

She keeps a list on her phone of what she wants in a partner but knows no one will meet every requirement. Some things on her list include being responsible, having good teeth, and being independent. She also wants someone who gets along with her friends and family and is a good role model for her kids.

Kim joked about wanting someone without too much baggage and who smells good. She prefers someone taller than her who enjoys taking care of themselves. She’s willing to help someone improve themselves, even if it means getting veneers for their teeth.

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