Kind Pit Bull provides its kennel for a pregnant stray cat and stands guard while she is (video)

Pit bulls are good dogs.

Pit bulls are affectionate, dedicated canines that will go above and beyond for the people they love. Pit bulls have enormous hearts, as demonstrated by Hades, a dog that resides in Mexico with his owners.

The lovely puppy emulates his compassionate father, Juan José P. Flores, who helps others in need. Flores saw an evasive stray cat in the area and decided to leave food out for it so it wouldn’t go hungry. He had no idea that Hades would get friendly with the tiny cat. Do not be misled by Hades’ moniker; he is a kind and compassionate dog who provided his house as a refuge to a buddy in need.

One day Flores went to investigate what was making all the noise since Hades was making such a racket by the rear entrance. It turned out that his pet dog had something special to show him inside the doghouse. The stray cat was inside, relaxing on the plush covers.

The adorable puppy proudly displayed to his father that he had abandoned his residence to care for the pregnant stray cat. While the cat gave birth to two kittens, Hades never left the side of his feline buddy and kept watch at the doghouse. According to Flores, “I think he felt like a father.”

Both the kittens and the cat that the family named Nicol are doing well. When the kittens reach adulthood, according to Flores, they will be placed in caring homes, but Nicol will always live with them.

People couldn’t help but make fun of the event after a photo of it went viral and showed that the cat had just taken over the doghouse. Flores added, “Cat taken advantage, with that you don’t have to pay rent.” to the conversation.

Even with the humor, the dog’s thoughtful action wasn’t overlooked. Numerous others appreciated Hades and remarked on his cute face. Someone exclaimed, “The most gorgeous face EVER!!!!” They spearhead the struggle for mankind.

In an effort to change people’s perceptions about pit bulls, Flores shared the heartwarming tale. Pit bulls make excellent dogs, he claimed. “Hades set aside everything to assist someone else. We ought to act similarly without anticipating anything in return.

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