Kind Woman Adopts A Baby Boy That Everyone Bullied

One thing has been Nicky’s constant desire. Her goal was to adopt a child and provide them with a loving family.
She now has a daughter from her first marriage, but she has always entertained the idea of adopting yet another child.

Thanks to her supportive spouse, they began looking for orphans to adopt. They decided to adopt a baby boy who was most likely never going to be adopted.
A boy named Rustam was abandoned by his mother, who didn’t want him due to all of his physical deformities. She led an unhealthy lifestyle while pregnant.

The kid cannot talk and is unable to feed on his own.
Nicky knew she wanted to offer the kid with one leg the world the moment she saw him.
He’s been adopted for a year now, and he now wears a prosthetic.

According to Nicky, Rustam still faces a lot of bullying from society. She made the decision to create an Instagram page for him to share his experience because of this. There, the child rose to considerable fame.

Rustam now has a loving family that will always be there for him and supports him in everything.

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