Kindhearted Bus Driver Helps Crying Boy Enjoy Pajama Day with New Clothes

The bus driver, Larry Farrish Jr., from Kentucky, is like a hero to a little kid.

One day, a first-grader named Levi was feeling sad at Engelhard Elementary School. Larry noticed Levi wasn’t his usual happy self and asked him why.

Normally, Levi would be waiting with a big smile, but that day he was sitting with his jacket over his head, crying. Levi explained that he didn’t have pajamas, so he couldn’t join Pajama Day at school.

Larry felt really bad for Levi. He didn’t want Levi to have a bad day just because he didn’t have pajamas.

After dropping off the other kids, Larry went to a store and bought some pajamas for Levi. He brought them to the school and asked the staff to call Levi down.

This made Levi’s day much better. He was so grateful to Larry. He said Larry is nice and makes him happy.

Larry has been a bus driver for seven years. He used to work in other jobs, but being a bus driver is the most fulfilling for him.

He cares about the kids like they’re his own. He makes sure they’re safe and tries to make them happy.

When the school shared what Larry did on social media, many people were touched. They reached out to Larry to thank him for making a difference in their children’s lives.

It made Larry emotional to see how much his small gesture meant to people. He’s happy to know he’s made a positive impact on a child’s life.

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