“l Will Never Stop Fighting”: Savannah Chrisley Overcomes Fear for First Prison Visit

This experience had a great impact on her

Savannah Chrisley recently opened up about her anxiety before her first visit to see her father, Todd Chrisley, in prison, and the subsequent inspiration she gained from the experience. Speaking on her Unlocked podcast episode on Wednesday, the 25-year-old shared her emotions, stating, “I was so afraid of going to visit my dad the first time, and I just remember walking into that room. I felt the presence of Jesus more than ever before at that moment.”

What followed was a sense of relief for Savannah. She described the powerful impact of seeing smiles on people’s faces and realizing the importance of listening to their stories. Additionally, Savannah highlighted the lack of therapy and proper guidance within the prison system, expressing her interest in being able to speak to inmates and offer support.

Savannah recently took to Instagram to express her unwavering dedication to advocating for her parents, making it clear that she will continue to fight for them. In her heartfelt post, she proclaimed, “I am determined to stand by your side and fight tirelessly for you both! My love for you, Mama and Daddy, knows no bounds.” Both Savannah and her older brother Chase Chrisley have been outspoken in their dissatisfaction with how the government has handled their parents’ arrests, legal proceedings, and subsequent sentencing related to financial offenses.

Through various social media posts, Savannah and Chase have claimed that their parents should not have been sent to prison for fraud. Savannah specifically mentioned the government’s use of lies to obtain a report on their financials, including false allegations of money laundering and terrorism.

Todd and Julie began serving their combined 19-year prison sentences on January 17, but they are currently working on appealing their convictions. It is worth noting that both will face additional probation upon their release.

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