Late motherhood: what happened to the woman who gave birth to a child at 67

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This woman became famous all over the world after she gave birth to a child. There is nothing surprising in this, right? But she gave birth to her first child at 67!

A. Iliescu became the oldest mother in Romania and even entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Today, an 80-year-old woman is trying to do everything to live as long as possible, to support her beloved daughter, at least until she comes of age.

Adriana has a 2-room apartment in the capital. In one of her many interviews, the woman called herself the happiest person on earth, because she was able to give birth to a completely healthy child at that age.

Note that the girl was born 14 years ago. A woman got pregnant with IVF.

Naturally, society reacted to this case very relatively. Many began to condemn Adrian for this act, calling it selfish. Some of her relatives turned their backs on her. However, she didn’t even pay them any attention.

The woman, of course, understands that she cannot live forever, so after much thought, she decided to appoint a guardian for her daughter.

They became a doctor who helped her get pregnant.

Adriana also saved up money for her daughter, which she is free to spend after her death.

Note that A. Iliescu is a well-known writer and professor of the Romanian language in her country.

Look what a beautiful girl! She is only 8 years old in this picture.

It is known that she often participates in various olympiads and wins them.

How do you feel about older motherhood?

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