Latest Revelations in the Controversial Affair: Emily Ratajkowski’s Alleged Betrayal of Her Friend

The news about Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski kissing has sparked a lot of discussion among fans. Journalists have already asked what Olivia Wilde, Harry’s ex-girlfriend, thinks about it.

Sources close to Olivia Wilde say that she wants to stay away from this situation as much as possible. She has chosen a different path for herself, and she doesn’t want this mess in her new life. It’s likely they mean that Olivia has found a way to get along with her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis.

But reporters seem to have forgotten that Wilde and Ratajkowski were once very friendly. They were seen together at a Harry Styles concert, posed nearby at the Oscars, and talked at the party. In interviews, Emily spoke about Olivia, trying to protect her privacy and choice of partners.

According to Page Six journalists, this situation is a complete betrayal, and everyone understands that. They report that Ratajkowski is asking Wilde for forgiveness.

However, insiders say that Emily quickly realized her mistake. It seems she didn’t plan to have a serious relationship with Harry; she just wanted to have fun. According to sources, the couple is no longer romantically connected.

Fans aren’t surprised by this turn of events. They think it’s not unusual for Ratajkowski’s adventures to lead to such consequences.

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