Lauren Sánchez to Reveal All-Female Space Crew Soon: “Meet My Fellow Astronauts”

Lauren Sánchez, who is 54 years old, is going to space with some brave friends. She’ll soon announce who’s joining her all-female space trip with Blue Origin. She first talked about this in 2022.

“I’m really excited,” she says about leaving Earth’s atmosphere. “We haven’t said the date yet, but it will be this year. We’ll also announce the other astronauts soon.”

Even though her fiancé Jeff Bezos has already gone to space with Blue Origin, Lauren admits she’s a bit nervous. “I haven’t thought about it much, but as the date gets closer, I might feel more nervous. But I know it’s very safe, and I think it’ll be an amazing adventure.”

Lauren isn’t afraid to face challenges. In 2016, she learned to fly helicopters and even started her own aviation company. “I was doing a morning show called Good Day L.A. I wanted to do something different after work. I didn’t just want to go to yoga. So, I decided to learn how to fly, and I did it.”

“My book is about following your dreams no matter how crazy they seem,” she adds.

But Lauren wants people to know she’s not going to space just for fun. “I think coming back from this mission will change how I see the world, and I can share that with others. Hopefully, it will inspire people to help save the planet.”

Environmentalism is important to Lauren. She’s the Vice Chair at the Bezos Earth Fund.

And if she feels nervous before the space trip, she says it’s normal. “I get nervous before flying helicopters too. But I’ve learned to control those feelings and use them in a good way.”

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