Learn about the unreal love story of a lady and her senior cat ‘Potato’ (video)

A woman was shocked to see that her senior cat didn’t show any interest when she brought it home. In an interview, she claims, “In my mind, I had an idea of getting a six-month-old to the two-year-old cat.

Millie was 10 years old when her owner first brought her home. Instead of playing with her toys, she preferred to sit on her owner’s lap on the couch.

She is quite chatty and has a raspy, elderly voice, according to the owner. She also has a new kitten named Millie and two dogs named Yogurt and Tiger.

She claims that Millie gets along great with both dogs. She asserted that she and the dogs had established a family and were sharing a bed four days after giving birth to Millie.

Five teeth were pulled from Millie due to a multitude of health concerns. She also suffers from rib malformations and asthma. She is still quite lovable, though.

Millie’s owner describes her as being somewhat like a little potato. There are snippets of the gray cat getting to know the dog and her owner during the talk.

This is an account of an old cat that unintentionally falls in love with its new owner. The owner would never give up Millie, even if she wanted to have a younger cat.

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