Leonardo DiCaprio donates a large amount of money to save wildlife

Famous Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, recently donated about $15 million to pay bonuses to participants in various environmental campaigns. And this impressive amount is actually a drop in the ocean.

Because the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, founded by the actor and philanthropist, has been holding various events aimed at saving animals, plants, and the world around us for 20 years.

Charity in the West is the favorite plaything of the rich, a legal way to launder money, finance controversial projects, and underground enrichment. However, in the case of the DiCaprio Foundation, the concern for the world around us really comes first.

For example, one can recall his efforts to combat deforestation in Guatemala, cleaning the seabed off the Greek island of Andres, and ransoming young wild animals that were bred for hunting. All this costs money and therefore it is not surprising that the actor constantly transfers large sums to his fund.

The last tranche, about $15 million, went to Africa. A program to protect giraffes was successfully funded there – these amazing huge creatures are close to extinction. The money went to what the people call “say no to hunting,” and although there are fears that some of the funds will be wasted, the result is obvious. From the moment the funds were transferred until today, not a single case of poaching has been recorded in the Congo Valley. And that means something for wildlife.

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