“Life as a Kid at the Playboy Mansion”: Lorraine Nicholson’s Watchful Eye

Lorraine Nicholson, who is 33 years old, wrote an essay for Vanity Fair about her experiences at the Playboy Mansion when she was a kid. Her dad is actor Jack Nicholson, and her mom is model Rebecca Broussard.

When Lorraine went to the Mansion as a kid, it felt like a mix of excitement and worry. She got to see a lot of cool stuff, but there was always the chance of seeing something she shouldn’t.

Lorraine went to the Mansion a lot with her nanny, Cis, who used to work for Hugh Hefner. She could eat whatever she wanted there, but she usually just asked for mashed potatoes and peas.

Kimberley Conrad, who was married to Hefner, would watch over the kids using a security camera. She and Hefner have two sons.

As Lorraine got older, she started to wonder about things at the Mansion, but she was too scared to ask. She wasn’t interested in anything related to sex.

Even though there were Playboy magazines all over the place, Lorraine never looked at them. She also never questioned why there were certain things in the bathrooms.

Lorraine didn’t spend much time at the Mansion at night because it was boring. The adults just wanted to be close to Hefner, and the kids didn’t really matter.

But despite the boring parts, Lorraine still thought the Mansion was kind of magical, like something from a Disney movie.

Not everyone had good things to say about the Mansion, though. Crystal Hefner, Hefner’s widow, said it was rundown and not well taken care of. She said it felt old and dirty after a while.

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