Life in the shadows: what happened to the fate of Marilyn Monroe’s sister?

Marilyn Monroe is known as the most seductive woman of the twentieth century. She died without leaving any direct descendants.

Marilyn benefited from the image of an orphan who had changed many foster families throughout her life, but in reality, this was not at all the case.

Her mother passed away back in the 80s, and she communicated with her half-sister and niece all her life.

When Marilyn Monroe became famous, she often sent her relatives chic outfits that she no longer needed, and after her death, she left a legacy of ten thousand dollars.

Bernice Baker Miracle, Monroe’s half-sister, was born in 1919. Their mother, Gladys, was married three times. She gave birth to Marilyn from her second husband.

The girls did not understand their mother all their lives, but Bernice hoped all her life to restore relations with her own mother, but Marilyn did not care anymore.

“The image of your mother that you keep is a hundred times better than what it really is. It will probably be better for you if you leave everything as it is, ”Marilyn said to her sister. She didn’t want to be hurt, but Bernice was stubborn and still didn’t listen to Marilyn.

Bernice and Marilyn long before they first met, corresponded, and wanted to get to know each other. They ended up meeting at the Detroit train station. The actress recalled that she looked for her older sister for a long time, and Bernice always said that she immediately recognized her from afar, because they had the same blond hair, a wide forehead, and insanely similar lips. They hugged and cried. This is how the sister recalled their first meeting.

Bernice had a lifelong admiration for her sister and tried to maintain that special bond. When her daughter was born, they periodically met and spent time together.

If you look at Marilyn Monroe’s half-sister, you can imagine what she would look like in old age.

After the death of Marilyn, their mother became completely insane, and for Bernice, it was a severe blow. She became a writer and wrote a book with her daughter about their relationship, the mother’s mental illness, and what they had to endure together.

Now Bernice Baker Miracle is exactly one hundred years old. She lives on the coast of California in the city of Venice.

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