Like two drops… Mila Jovovich’s daughter starred for the cover of the magazine, the girl is just a copy of her mother

Three girls are raised by Milla Jovovich, a favorite of many.

Eva Anderson, the oldest, is 11 years old at the moment.

Eva recently participated in a photo session for Jalouse’s American edition.

And one of the images ended up on the magazine’s cover.

By the way, Chris Brenner, a photographer, was filming.

Milla acknowledges how pleased she is with her kid.

Being featured on the cover of a renowned magazine at such a young age is, after all, a significant accomplishment.

The most intriguing fact is that the celebrity mom herself once appeared in the inaugural issue of Jalouse, although for the French version, many years ago.

And Milla found it especially moving that Eva appeared on the first cover of the American Jalouse.

“This is actually a very special occasion for me because I painted the original Jalouse cover when it was initially published in France in the 1990s.

And Eva was made the cover star of the magazine’s debut American edition.

My gorgeous daughter makes me proud!

I’m very excited for you to read this article!” stated Milla on her social media profile.

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