Little cat weakened in front of volunteers (photos)

A homeless cat from a Canadian town gave birth to five kittens, and one of them clearly stood out from the rest. The baby was several times smaller and weaker than her relatives and desperately needed help.

This little baby was born to a stray cat in Quebec City, Canada. People rescued five newborn kittens and a mother cat and brought them to One Cat at a Time. Employees immediately noticed that something was wrong with one kitten.

Volunteers noticed that one kitty does not develop at all on a par with other kittens. She faded before our eyes and did not even drink mother’s milk. Employees pipetted her for hours and gave her maintenance medication to save her life.

The baby, named Myrtle, fought for her life as best she could. She was many times smaller and weaker than her relatives but did not give up. Among other things, the volunteers discovered that she did not use her hind legs much, and tried to restore them with massages.

Later, veterinarians found that the cat had heart problems, which affected the development as a whole. The doctors performed the necessary procedures, and Myrtle endured them steadfastly.

After that, she began to actively explore everything around her and grow up. She played more with other kittens and was interested in her surroundings. This strong kitty was gaining strength and will to live every day.

Myrtle is now nine months old. She weighs and looks like a 6-month-old kitten, but does not lose her energy and charm. This little girl proved to everyone around that nothing is impossible. Now they are looking for the best owners for her.

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