“Little copies”: famous children of famous parents

Surely you have heard the saying many times that an apple does not fall far from an apple tree. These words are fully justified since children are often very similar to their parents both in appearance and in character.

However, there is also such an incredible similarity between the child and the parent that it is sometimes impossible to understand where who is.

The children of many stellar personalities are so similar that they could well replace them in the field of activity of their parents.

Colin and Tom Hanks.

Although Colin is not one hundred percent similar to the popular father, their family ties are still obvious.

Jaden and Will Smith Jaden.

The guy has already managed to appear a couple of times as the son of the hero Will. The similarity of the son with the father is obvious, they look almost the same. Thanks to this, Jayden is quite successful in the field of cinema.

Ava Philippe and Reese Witherspoon.

Young Ava received from her mother not only incredibly beautiful eyes but also a characteristic chic smile. Mother and daughter are very similar.

Kate Beckinsale and Lily Sheen.

The daughter is so reminiscent of her mother that she has only distant features from her father. The girl’s face almost exactly matches the face of the parent. Just one on one!

Lila Grace Moss Hack and Kate Moss.

The girl inherited charm, huge bright eyes, and beautiful blond hair from her mother. It is likely that the baby decides to repeat the path of her mother and become the most popular model on our planet. She definitely has potential, and considerable.

Honor Warren and Jessica Alba.

Maybe when Honor gets older, she’ll be able to compete with her mother for popularity. It is likely that the girl will become even more beautiful than Jessica.

Alfonso and Morgan Freeman Alfonso.

They are so similar to each other that the son can easily replace his star father. And no one would notice the change. After all, it is almost impossible to distinguish them, and an unknowing person will be completely confused.

Ella Blue and John Travolta.

Incredibly, the daughter is very much like a star father. Ella has blue eyes, incredible charisma, and the same brown hair as John. They are very similar.

Ever Anderson and Mila Jovovich.

Here the similarity is simply incredible – visible to the naked eye. There was no doubt that the offspring of the actress would be as beautiful as their mother.

Liv Freindlich and Julianne Moore.

Little Liv has already begun to appear on the big screens – this happened at kindergarten age. Obviously, the girl inherited Julianne’s bright talent, as well as an incredibly beautiful appearance.

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