“Live Ken is now Barbie!” The star showed herself for the first time in public

Rodrigo Alves, once known to the world as Ken and a common Brazilian guy, underwent another procedure. He has now changed into a Barbie. The guy declared himself to be a transgender woman in January 2020, changed his name to Jessica, and this spring made the decision to undergo permanent transformation.

Yet, in addition to the surgery, there was hormone treatment, which manifested itself with an incredibly quick weight increase.

Also, Jessica’s appearance was far less than ideal considering the TV star’s penchant for wearing tight, exposing clothing.

Alves is accustomed to obtaining objectives by whatever methods, as you can see. She once more turned to the services of plastic surgeons after recognizing that diets were unlikely to be of use to her.

The celebrity had a gastrectomy, which removed nearly 80% of her stomach.

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