“Living Like Ancient People”: A Woman’s 40-Year Escape into the Forests

A girl named Lynx decided she wanted to live away from the town and be in nature. She was born in a regular family, and when she studied plants, she discovered her love for nature. Eventually, she chose to make her dream a reality.

Lynx started living in tough conditions. Like ancient people, she hunted animals, gathered mushrooms and berries for food, and lived like this until she was 46. When she inherited some money, she bought a large piece of land and started living there.

She dresses uniquely, wearing animal skins and often sleeps in the forest. She has become used to this wild lifestyle. Lynx even brings in tourists and arranges tours, teaching them how to survive in the wild.

For some, it’s a fascinating experience to find food like she did for years. However, some think she might be a bit crazy.

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