Look at the reaction of a puppy that runs freely in the yard for the first time in his life! (video)

A stray dog kennel in Virginia was recently closed, leaving thousands of dogs homeless. These animals are now under the care of the Society for the Protection of Animals. Many dogs have been adopted. 

There was also a puppy named Samii among them. Karen Schrader and her family have made the decision to foster Sami. It was clear that the poor dog had never experienced family warmth and kindness. She was very shy and refused to leave her little rug.

” Her behavior changed dramatically when she noticed the backyard was overgrown with grass. She could walk freely in the garden for the first time in her life,” Shrader said. 


Take a look at her reaction! 

The dog has changed beyond recognition in just a few days. Schrader was overjoyed to see their adopted dog flourish. 

We are overjoyed that we were able to assist the dog who has never known freedom. She receives our love and affection and returns it tenfold!” Schroeder explained. 

Schrader hopes that their story will inspire others to help homeless and fearful animals. 

“After Sami won our hearts, we decided to adopt her. Yes, I was a foster loser,” Schroeder admitted.

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