Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoyed a fantastic honeymoon in France while they were there to visit the kids

Newlyweds Lopez and Affleck took their kids to Paris for their honeymoon. 

Recently, heartfelt images from this successful and well-liked Hollywood couple’s wedding and honeymoon in France were shared on social media. 

Despite being aware of the paparazzi’s proximity, they made the decision to take their heirs with them and continued to express their love and affection for one another despite it. The newlyweds’ passionate kiss was captured by the paparazzi when they were in the park. Lopez opted for a delicate white summer dress with a flowery pattern and a vivid red handbag on this particular day.

Ben was dressed in a standard sky blue shirt and dark jeans. The couple took photos of one another and appeared to be very content. It’s important to note that the fans didn’t discover about the covert wedding until much later. 

Remember that the couple was engaged twenty years ago? Sadly, they split up, and it took them 17 years to start dating again. We wish them luck in building a solid and loving family. 

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