Lopez’s daughter stunned the Network with a radical transformation

Not so long ago, the paparazzi caught the famous singer D. Lopez walking with her daughter Emma. Recall that today the girl is already thirteen years old.

Fans are actively following the life of the young heiress of the popular artist, and the paparazzi are doing their best to catch her on the street in order to take some interesting pictures.

For example, new shots of Emma with her mother caused a storm of discussions on the Internet. Fans of the 52-year-old singer agreed that the 13-year-old heiress looks like her mother’s age.

For the same reason, fans agree that Jennifer’s daughter did not go to her at all. However, as many followers recall, the artist also looked completely different before all her plastic surgeries. “The case when an apple fell far from an apple tree”, “Looks like 50 years old,” Internet users write under the photo.

What do you say, our dear readers? Leave your answers in the comments!

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