Lovable and caring pup keeps orphaned foal company and becomes his best friend (video)

Since it was abandoned at the age of nine days, this intriguing foal has been cared for by a wonderful dog.

Meet Tye, a beautiful foal whose mother died a few days after he was born. Nobody thought he would succeed, but because he is a warrior, he did. Since the first day of his life, Zip the farm dog has kept him company.

As the pair is constantly together, the amazing puppy has taken on the role of an adoptive father to him. They’re either having fun or taking a nap together. They like lying next to one other when taking naps.

Until this 9-day-old horse’s mother passed away, Zip, a 5-year-old dog, never showed any interest in foals. He had the impression that someone nearby need his attention and assistance. He could relate to the horse’s loneliness.

When Tye and Zip are apart, he spends time with his sister and picks up horsemanship skills.

We all agree that puppies are the ideal companions for people, but we also fully understand how wonderful a companion they can make for other animals.

Even though Tye is an adult and independent horse today, their link with Zip is unbreakable.

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