“Loves like a friend”: Irina Shayk abandoned the relationship with her ex-husband Kardashian, leaving him in the friend zone

Not so long ago, rumors began to gain momentum on the Internet that rapper K. West is in a relationship with Shayk. This information was not confirmed, as the celebrities turned out to be just good friends.

People who are surrounded by Irina said that she did not want to meet with her ex-husband K. Kardashian. The rapper even offered her to go to Paris together for a fashion show, but Shayk refused.

According to this source, the supermodel simply does not want a relationship with Kanye. They communicate well as friends, so she would not like to spread rumors that there is a love relationship between them.

Recall that the star couple has known each other for more than 10 years. Once our model even took part in the filming of the rapper’s video clip. And nine years ago, she represented a new collection of clothes from the Kanye brand. This fashion show was held in France.

Do you believe this information or is the couple just trying to hide their romance? Leave your answers in the comments!

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