Lucy, a cheerful Pit Bull, runs into her school friend every day. Because of her, an autistic boy began to change! (video)

Lucy is a friendly and sociable dog. Her upbeat personality inspires everyone she meets. Lucy adores all members of her family, particularly a 5-year-old boy. 

“My son is autistic. Even though he is five years old, he does not speak. He didn’t like Lucy and didn’t pay attention to her when we adopted her. He apparently didn’t want anyone in his personal space, “Miranda Peterson, Lucy’s mother, told The Dodo. 

Despite being a highly intelligent and sensitive animal, Lucy found a way to approach the special-needs boy. 

“My husband began taking our son out for an evening walk every day, and each time they took Lucy. Our son enjoys being outside in the fresh air, and regular walks help him stay positive. Lucy gradually grew close to my son, and they became friends. He started paying attention to her, making attempts to play with her and even feed her,” Peterson said. 

Lucy has now become the boy’s four-legged companion. She walks the boy to school every day and meets him there. Lucy looks forward to the school bus and will sometimes board a minute early to see a friend. The boy is overjoyed when he returns home from school and sees Lucy waiting for him. What a wonderful friendship! 

The bus driver has fallen in love with the agile dog. Every day, he and Lucy said “good morning.” Lucy has a good influence on the boy’s mother. He became more involved, even looking after Lucy.


Lucy has become a bright part of the family.

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