Man Discovers 70-Year-Old Love Letter in Toolbox Bought at Auction: ‘Poetic’

A man from Michigan found an old love letter in a toolbox he bought at an auction. He waited a few years before opening it. Inside, he discovered a letter written over 70 years ago.

The letter was addressed to Mary Lee Cribbs in Grand Rapids and was from Corporal Irvin G. Fleming in San Francisco, a long way away.

The man, Rick Trojanowski, was surprised by what he found. He said people don’t write like that anymore; it was almost like poetry.

In the letter, dated 1953, Fleming wrote to Mary, apologizing for not hearing from her in five months after an argument. He said time was going slowly without her letters. Fleming also mentioned that coming home would be the happiest day of his life and asked Mary to marry him, something he had asked before.

Now, Trojanowski is trying to find the owner of the letter or their relatives. He’s searched on Facebook but hasn’t had any luck yet.

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