Man Discovers Forgotten Lottery Ticket in Glove Compartment, Wins Truck!

A man from Nebraska won a big truck worth $81,000 on Monday. He got lucky months after he threw away a $2 lottery ticket.

Lucas Swarthout found the ticket while cleaning his car’s glove box. He bought the winning ticket from a store called Kwik Stop #01 in North Platte.

On Monday, Swarthout got his new truck, a 2023 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 Crew Cab Flex Fuel, from the same store.

He said he doesn’t usually play scratch-off games much, but he had a feeling about this one and decided to try his luck. After buying it, he forgot about it.

Luckily, the ticket was still valid. According to Neil Watson from the Nebraska Lottery, Swarthout won the seventh truck out of eight in the game.

The game will close once the eighth truck is won, and then the winner has 180 days to claim their prize.

Swarthout wasn’t sure if he should accept the truck when he found out he won. But when lottery officials said they would cover about $25,000 of the taxes and fees, he happily accepted.

He said it was even better knowing there were no financial strings attached to his prize.

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